Sunday, 20 March 2011

It's Monday!

What a perfect day to get the week rolling and remind you all of this fantastic song released by new tween sensation Rebecca Black!

She sings this song...Friday, basically how excited she is about it being the weekend and they now get to party!

It's got an annoying catch to the song which keeps it in your head for ages and once its out of your mind, someone else on facebook, twitter or even a news website reminds you of it once again!

So I am now doing the honor and showing the video for all to watch.

Now some of the lyrics in this song....let's say not the best and the grammar Nazi's out in the WWW would have a field day with this song! I mean couldn't "we we we so excited" be changed to "we are so excited". Then again its meant to be for tweens and the "tweens" these days aren't the smartest bunch of kids now are they?

However Rebecca Black has been interviewed after this video has become a world wide hit by ABC News America. How she has been brought to tears over some people's comments towards her over a simple song...despite how annoying it is, I wouldn't pay a 14 year old girl out; plus it is easier to say stuff like that behind a keyboard where no one can see you wouldn't be man enough to say horrible things to her in person now would you?

So there is the interview, its pretty serious...thought it was going to be a bit more humorous than that to be honest but still a good watch!

It is amazing how such an annoying song can become a massive hit, purely through friends showing other friends how stupid the song is doesn't help the cause.

Rebecca Black has asked Beiber to do a duet with him....please do so it could possibly end the career of both!

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