Monday, 21 March 2011

Half way there....

Alright so those who know me well enough...know my passion hate for Glee, mind you I have seen like one episode but my friend Libbi decides to text me and tell me Kathy Griffin is on the show tonight so of course I conformed and watched the episode and all I can say...she chose the right episode to make me watch cause I'm half way there to actually liking this show. First it was this that made me so happy that a prime time show showed a gay kiss that wasn't a piss weak one!

That made me happy but story line wise was quite good, sappy corny wise but enough to make me smile! 

Followed by the little performances for a regional competition going on. I am not a fan of covers but for once I heard an original and all I can say is WOW!!!

Libbi, you may have converted me after tonights episode, was a very good watch and my 'gayness' is coming out more, ffs always has to be something that converts me!!


  1. It was an awesome episode of Glee. :) I feel less special now knowing I'm not the only one Libbi texts during Glee. Lol.

  2. haha don't worry Libbi never texts me during Glee cause im either working or just refusing to watch it...exception was that Kathy Griffin was on!

  3. Fair enough, I agree though it was a strong & positive step forward for 'gay people' on 'family hour' TV.

  4. it was indeed! It made me very happy!