Monday, 21 March 2011

Random Quote

So as usual just doing random google search and found this nice quote:

“We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.”

Enough said really.....

Half way there....

Alright so those who know me well enough...know my passion hate for Glee, mind you I have seen like one episode but my friend Libbi decides to text me and tell me Kathy Griffin is on the show tonight so of course I conformed and watched the episode and all I can say...she chose the right episode to make me watch cause I'm half way there to actually liking this show. First it was this that made me so happy that a prime time show showed a gay kiss that wasn't a piss weak one!

That made me happy but story line wise was quite good, sappy corny wise but enough to make me smile! 

Followed by the little performances for a regional competition going on. I am not a fan of covers but for once I heard an original and all I can say is WOW!!!

Libbi, you may have converted me after tonights episode, was a very good watch and my 'gayness' is coming out more, ffs always has to be something that converts me!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Art of Facebook Stalking

Now I really shouldn't be talking about this but what the hell...many accuse me of being a facebook stalker and how its "creepy"

I will admit yes I can stalk on facebook, if a friend wants me to find information about someone or to simply find that hot guy we saw last can be done!

Tips for finding a hot guy/girl you saw out at a party:

1. Take note of what friends he/she was with, are you friends with any of them? If so, look at step 2....if not...your screwed and will have to stalk in person which I do not condone!

2. Go to ones facebook profile and stalk his/her pictures until you can find said person.

3. If you can't find him/her, then you have to try harder, look through your friends photos and take note of what albums he/she was tagged in or other people tagged in the same's time to move on and stalk them!

Now sometimes you can view someone elses photo albums despite their profile being completely private, benefit of being friends of friends helps you with this cause so simple stalk the album like no tomorrow or stalk other friends tagged in the album.

4. By now you should have found the said person and now have completed a succesful "stalk"
If not....that means the said person doesn't have a facebook or you will never find them and just have to man up.

Creepy I know but if you want to find someone...thats how you do it...or you could simply go up to them in person and talk..make conversation...its not that hard kids!!

Also if you are stalking for more than 30 minutes...stop....thats too far and you may need to seek help!

A record for me is finding someone in under 5 minutes...but that was through help of another friend who had a photo with him in the first photo I looked at.

This is only for fun and games of course you can easily do it to pass time, and believe me does it ever!

Bachelor of Procrastination!

Well I am an avid supporter of procrastination and believe if there was a degree 90% of us would study it!

It's something that always happens with me and I recently discovered the perfect example of the process through procrastination!

Anyone who follows this chart will end up on a continuous loop that will never end unless your computer shuts down!

Now don't get me wrong I will complete a will just take me a lot longer than usual to do so. Not a fan of nerds out there who love getting a task done straight away, I prefer to be in the moment and cram it in like no tomorrow, sit on facebook, write blogs etc.

It's Monday!

What a perfect day to get the week rolling and remind you all of this fantastic song released by new tween sensation Rebecca Black!

She sings this song...Friday, basically how excited she is about it being the weekend and they now get to party!

It's got an annoying catch to the song which keeps it in your head for ages and once its out of your mind, someone else on facebook, twitter or even a news website reminds you of it once again!

So I am now doing the honor and showing the video for all to watch.

Now some of the lyrics in this song....let's say not the best and the grammar Nazi's out in the WWW would have a field day with this song! I mean couldn't "we we we so excited" be changed to "we are so excited". Then again its meant to be for tweens and the "tweens" these days aren't the smartest bunch of kids now are they?

However Rebecca Black has been interviewed after this video has become a world wide hit by ABC News America. How she has been brought to tears over some people's comments towards her over a simple song...despite how annoying it is, I wouldn't pay a 14 year old girl out; plus it is easier to say stuff like that behind a keyboard where no one can see you wouldn't be man enough to say horrible things to her in person now would you?

So there is the interview, its pretty serious...thought it was going to be a bit more humorous than that to be honest but still a good watch!

It is amazing how such an annoying song can become a massive hit, purely through friends showing other friends how stupid the song is doesn't help the cause.

Rebecca Black has asked Beiber to do a duet with him....please do so it could possibly end the career of both!

Meredith Vieira not happy

Welcome to 'Create Your Own!', a blog which you will see random posts about anything from humorous videos/ more serious news worthy stories, expect anything on a daily basis. You may even get to learn a bit about me if I have a great day or a bad one, keep watching!

So for those who know me, I love my T.V. and know a fair bit about hosts of overseas shows, Meredith Vieira host of the US 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' has a moment on Ellen that I loved and for that reason, it gets to be on my very first blog post!