Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Art of Facebook Stalking

Now I really shouldn't be talking about this but what the hell...many accuse me of being a facebook stalker and how its "creepy"

I will admit yes I can stalk on facebook, if a friend wants me to find information about someone or to simply find that hot guy we saw last can be done!

Tips for finding a hot guy/girl you saw out at a party:

1. Take note of what friends he/she was with, are you friends with any of them? If so, look at step 2....if not...your screwed and will have to stalk in person which I do not condone!

2. Go to ones facebook profile and stalk his/her pictures until you can find said person.

3. If you can't find him/her, then you have to try harder, look through your friends photos and take note of what albums he/she was tagged in or other people tagged in the same's time to move on and stalk them!

Now sometimes you can view someone elses photo albums despite their profile being completely private, benefit of being friends of friends helps you with this cause so simple stalk the album like no tomorrow or stalk other friends tagged in the album.

4. By now you should have found the said person and now have completed a succesful "stalk"
If not....that means the said person doesn't have a facebook or you will never find them and just have to man up.

Creepy I know but if you want to find someone...thats how you do it...or you could simply go up to them in person and talk..make conversation...its not that hard kids!!

Also if you are stalking for more than 30 minutes...stop....thats too far and you may need to seek help!

A record for me is finding someone in under 5 minutes...but that was through help of another friend who had a photo with him in the first photo I looked at.

This is only for fun and games of course you can easily do it to pass time, and believe me does it ever!

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